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Hello! I’m Melisa with one “s”. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, graphic designer, and recovering procrastinator. I am a Virgo, which I think means I am sensitive, a (bit) neurotic, organized in some areas, and very disorganized in others.

I believe that you should be kind, always. I am a consummate optimist, I worry too much, and I eat bacon every single day.


My husband and I went to kindergarten together but didn’t officially start dating until we were teenagers, and we’ve been together ever since. Our 8-year-old daughter (O) is a joy beyond words and a constant means of amusement.

We call the little island of Bainbridge home where we live a quiet life with several chickens, three ridiculous cats, one hamster and a fish named Gale.

I created this blog to chronicle the journey I have towards this goal. The truth is, less than a year ago I had mostly given up on the idea of running again. Last June, I had major (and very unexpected) surgery that put me in a real funk, guys. It was the big one: you know, the I-guess-we’re-all-done-with-kids-now one. And running didn’t feel like an option to me anymore, at the time. But then I started to put one foot in front of the other and pretty soon one mile became two, and so on.

I’m grateful for this body that works, so I’m going to keep on going until it says no.

Thanks for following along!

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  1. Mathew Mapram says:

    We are planning to print a magazine about running to give out to runners and volunteers at our Spice Coast Marathon in Kochi. I would like to get your permission to print your blog Treading Lightly. We will be happy to introduce you to runners in India.

    Thank you.

    Mathew Mapram.
    Soles of Cochin.

    • Melisa Lunt says:

      Mathew – what an honor, thank you! Please feel free and let me know if you need anything from me. (P.S. I have a friend who is going to be running a marathon in India soon – perhaps it’s this one?! I’ll ask him!). Thank you again.

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