50 by 50 would really be nifty.

Several years ago, I had the bright/crazy idea of running 50 marathons in all 50 states. I came up with this little gem of a life goal after I had already started doing marathons and had accidentally doubled up on a few states, but no matter: I was determined.

I scoured the race calendars. I bought a wall map of the U.S. of A. I started using those little round stickers that I usually reserve for mismatched tea sets and small appliances at garage sales.

But then, things like having a baby, breast pumps, a busy job, relocating to a new area, and – well – a few naps, got in the way.

Fast-forward to today in real time. My New Goal = 50 marathons by age 50.

Now, I was no math major in college. Math problems usually look something like this to my artsy fartsy brain:

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 7.00.58 PM

So it took me the better part of my lunch break to do some crude calculations.

Here, you can join in on the fun:

Problem: if Melisa is currently (ahem) 40.75 years old, and has run 10 marathons in 4 different states*, how many marathons will she have to run per year to reach 50 by age 50?

*The part about the states is irrelevant. Just checking to see if you’re paying attention.

Solution: to meet my goal, I will need to complete approximately 4 marathons per year for the next 10 years (can someone check my math, please?).

Alrighty then.

Since I’ve changed my motto from “there’s no time like tomorrow” to the old favorite “there’s no time like the present” I’ve gone ahead and signed up for races through December 2015.

The great thing about marathons besides the blisters and chaffing is that they are PERFECT for procrastinators. Especially cheap ones. Who wants to drop a hundred-plus bucks a pop and then not get the agony joy of experiencing money well spent? Not me, thank you very much.

This is my carrot, people. Well, that and the finish line selfie. You know what I’m talking about.

So anyway, let’s do this thing. Who’s with me?

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29 Responses to 50 by 50 would really be nifty.

  1. Heather says:

    All the runs! All the selfies! You’re my hero, girl. Get it.

  2. Josee says:

    Maybe I could swing 50 by 50… I’ve got 10 years on you to get it done 🙂 Seriously, I’ve said it before and will say it again: I absolutely love this goal! #BAMF

  3. Kenneth says:

    Do it!!! I’ll be watching!

  4. SarahJane says:

    I’m with Ya. In stalker mode. ;-). I’ll live vicariously through your running adventure. You got this, and have fun!

  5. Melinda Howard says:

    Happy running!

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  7. Kate Avery says:

    Love this goal and love this blog! You will totally do it – can’t wait to follow along while you do!

  8. Lori Lucas says:

    I have the same goal!!! I turned 40 in February and have 8 states complete (one more next weekend!)….hopefully we can run sometime together! Good luck:)

  9. Joel Flora says:

    That is a pretty nifty goal, which is similar to mine. At the age of 40, I was approached about doing a marathon. At first I didn’t want to. After thinking it over for about a week, I decided to sign up for one. When I turned 44, I also thought 50 by 50 would be great, but mine is a greater number/year. I’d only ran 6 in 4 years and now 44 in 6 years to complete the goal. Currently I’m 47, doing marathon 34 this weekend (4th this year) at state #12 in Green Bay Wisconsin. Goal is 8/yr and do #50 in September 2017 (3 months before 50.

    • Melisa Lunt says:

      Wow, Joel! That is awesome. I love hearing about everyone’s goals and finding others similar to mine. I just completed #10 in Tacoma last weekend. Maybe we should just shoot for doing 100? 🙂

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  18. Christina T. says:

    Wow, I could never…but I’m glad you are! That’s amazing!

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