race re-cap! mayday, mayday.

I put #17 to bed on May Day and luckily didn’t have to put up any distress signals.

Tacoma City Marathon
Tacoma, Washington
May 1, 2016


Now that I’m running these puppies on a fairly regular basis, sometimes I have to just fit them in around all the other stuff we’ve got going on in life. I try to do some creative juggling to make sure my races aren’t too big a pain in the asphalt (horrible pun alert™) for my people and this race was no exception.

The weekend was pretty jam-packed with several activities: hub had a CrossFit competition on Saturday; the 9-yo had a swim meet on both Saturday AND Sunday; and I had the marathon on Sunday. It was gonna take some orchestrating, to be sure.

Luckily the 9-yo’s meet was also in Tacoma so Friday night was all about the girl time. It’s not often that she and I get a night to ourselves and we made the most of it. And by “making the most of it” I obviously mean never leaving the hotel pool. We even had pizza delivered poolside.

The 9-yo wouldn’t leave the pool for anything, seriously.


She serenaded me with ‘Ode to Joy’. She is my ode to joy, that one.

But it was a ton of fun and we went to bed pruned and happy.

Saturday was all about the swim meet and then a quick dash through the race expo to pick up my bib and shirt, plus get my requisite Bart Yasso pic, of course. If you don’t know Bart Yasso, pause here and go Google that dude. He is a running legend and I’m not too proud to admit I get pretty giddy when I spot him at races. He’s like the Where’s Waldo of marathons.


Anyway, fast-forward to Sunday morning. Hub and 9-yo would be spending the day at day-2 of the swim meet so I let them sleep while I bumped around in the dark, getting myself to the race start solo.

Tacoma puts on fantastic races. I always love running in this city. It’s the people, the scenery, the course layouts. They just know how to do it right. Plus this marathon takes you over the Tacoma Narrows bridge, aka “Galloping Gertie” and it’s a pretty cool experience.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.03.26 PM

I did not take this picture but I’m positive this is exactly what a mid-race pic would look like if I attempted one while moving.

This was the second time I’ve run this race so I felt pretty comfortable with what it would take to get through. Last year I ran it in 4:45 and this year my coach wanted me to come in at 4:30. I stayed with the 4:30 pacer but kicked it in at the end because I’m a kiss-ass and wanted to impress my coach.

The race was pretty uneventful in the way that I’m not even sure it’s blog-worthy, but I’ve committed to documenting these things so if you’re still with me here, thank you.

At about mile 23, I gotta tell you about one thing. I had my music on pretty loud the whole race but around this time, I started to hear the oddest slap-slap-slap on the pavement and I could not figure out what was up. Turns out this woman who was running just behind me was trying to KILL the road with her feet. I have never in all my days heard someone pound the pavement with this level of intensity. It was insane.

The deal is, at mile 23 there isn’t exactly a lot of gas to dial up your pace – at least not for me – but I was hell-bent on distancing myself from this nonsense. I can’t speak for anyone else running 26.2, and I’m sure she’s a perfectly lovely person, but I run real low on patience after about 4 hours and just was not having it.

She was relentless. I would surge ahead with whatever I had left in me and she would come right up on my tail. It was clear that she was reeling me in with her persistence and lead feet so I just sort of had to resign myself to some meditative zen bullshit and pretend she wasn’t there.

It was nothing if not motivating and pretty soon I was at the finish line.


I had to beat feet outta there – literally – because swim meets (and life) go on.


Thank you, random stranger, for taking this quick pic to prove I was there.


And a selfie, natch.

Annnnnnnnd, back to life, back to reality:


Run on, friends!

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