’tis the season for setbacks!

I guess technically setbacks can happen in any season but everything seems more festive when you add “’tis the season” to it, right?

Well anyway, I somehow managed to get a stress fracture for Christmas even though it was totally NOT on my wish list.

How did it happen? Your guess is as good as mine. Let’s take a look at some clues, shall we?

On December 19th, we had a Feliz Navidad-style party at our house. It was super fun and merry and I even decided to shower and wear some fancy shoes instead of slippers.



I don’t really think it was the shoes, though. I have worn these puppies tons of times before and I don’t recall tripping or twisting my ankle during the party. But then again, we did have a pretty mean margarita punch going at all times and my red Solo cup overfloweth.



The next day I had an 18-mile training run scheduled. When I woke up, I had a weird twinge in my left foot but at this (0ver) 40 age o’ mine, if I decided not to do something just because of a twinge or creak, I’d never get out of bed.

Youth is wasted on the young. <—- true statement.

So, I stalled around until about 1:30 before finally deciding to just get the damn thing done. But first I pulled out a brand-new pair of running shoes that I’ve been wanting to try because they say you should never ever try something new on long runs and I enjoy living on the edge and throwing caution to the wind.



These shoes are called “Hokas” and what they lack in looks they make up for in cushiony comfort. They’ve developed a bit of a cult following in the running community and my hub found a good deal on a pair so I decided to try them out. I really don’t think this injury was from these shoes either, though. They felt great on the run and gave me no problems.

But, whatever the reason, I woke up the next day with a foot that looked like this:


My coach told me I looked like a character from The Flintstones. He’s very supportive that way.

Holy what the heck. My foot was NOT HAVING IT. I couldn’t walk on it at all and it just throbbed like an SOB. I iced it, I elevated it, I took Advil, I prayed.

But it just continued to get worse. That night (Monday) I couldn’t get ahead of the pain at all. By 2:30am, I just felt nauseous. I thought I must’ve broken it somehow, but I’ve never had any breaks or fractures before (I was a very inactive child) so I wasn’t sure what was going on.

Since it’s my left foot, I can luckily still drive so I carted myself into the 24-hour Urgent Care here on our island (no sense in dragging an 8yo to the ER at 2:30 in the morning).

They took X-rays and it didn’t show a break but they gave me a Vicodin to help with the pain. I was able to sleep that night and went straight to my regular doctor in the morning.

Way too long of a story short: she tells me it’s either a very bad stress fracture or tendonitis. The treatment for both is the same (stay off it, ice, elevate, Advil) so now it’s wait-and-see.

I’ll go back in a week to determine what’s what but she’s guesstimating it will be about 4-6 weeks of ix-nay on the unning-ray. <<insert sad face here.>>

This means missing two upcoming marathons for sure (one on New Year’s Eve and one in Houston – although I’ll still travel for that one to cheer my friends on from the sidelines).

What it also means is forced perspective.

This is just life, and life happens. It’s a drag, to be sure. Sometimes I feel frustrated and sad and irritable and generally bummed out about it, but ultimately “this too shall pass” like my mom always tells me.


If your kid wants you to watch her ride the scooter Santa brought her but you can’t really walk per se, you grab a camp chair, a glass of wine, and figure it out.

For now, I’m going to focus on healing up and enjoying time with friends and family. One slow-moving day at a time.


Yes, this really happened people.

Run (or hobble or crawl or limp) on, friends!  


Look at this cute ornament the hub got me. Pause for irony.

How was your Christmas? I’d love to hear about it!

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15 Responses to ’tis the season for setbacks!

  1. adam says:

    love this. sorry about your foot. im thinkimg of you

  2. Janet says:

    Oh friend. I’m so sorry. That really stinks (and makes for a pretty gnarly picture!). It sucks, but you’re right… this too shall pass. Sending hopes for speedy healing!! xo

  3. MTB Guy says:

    Sorry about the foot. 🙁

  4. Lynn says:

    So sorry neighbor but your toes look awesome! Maybe a glass of wine sometime this week or next?

  5. Angi Warner says:

    Prayers for a quick recovery. Your spirit and dedication is admirable. My hopes are that you’ll find some joy and peace in your time off to heal and be back up and running soon. Happy New Year! Cute Coach shoes BTW…

  6. Lara says:

    That sucks!! I totally broke my leg (both tibia & fibia, right above my ankle) the day before Halloween. Totally get it!! No running sucks, but if the rest of you is good, time to X-train & get stronger abs & arms. The perspective & the need to run will help in the long run (I’m hoping!!)

  7. Dave U. says:

    Totally sucks. But at least your writing remains strong! Here’s a solution to another person who needed cheering up… http://wn.com/animal_house_cheering_up_flounder

  8. Mom says:

    First things first: Cute shoes…both pair! You know how much I understand you not being able to walk and trust me it will get better and this will be but a memory in time. Looks like a great party! Fun…

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